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About us: Magickally Made is comprised of Kiz and Aradia Thundercloud. Aradia has been a self identified witch since she was 15, started formal training at 19, and has been an Eclectic/Reclaiming HPS for the last 15 years. Kizmet (Kiz) is rooted in Shamanic Earth Healing Tradition. We are a partnership both in life and in the business of creating; blending the power of our traditions to give you what you see in our shop. Aside from the spiritual, Kiz has a background as a Millwright/Metal Worker, Welder, Leather Worker, Bone and Stone Sculpture/Carving for over 25 years. Aradia has a background in holistic healing, sculpture, performance art - including costume design/construction & set design/building, and graphic art.



How To Read Tarot Cards!

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I am in need of a blank leather BOS. preferably with a Celtic knot tree or tree of life on the cover.

We make Custom Books of Shadows, so if you haven’t found one come talk to us we would be honored to create it for you. :) 

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This is a Custom design 9x12 Book of Shadows by Magickally Made. It features a raised Dark Faery with .925 silver leafing on her wings, holding a silver pentacle/crescent with garnets, and surrounded by a raised border. Dragon Vein Agate moon and crescents on spine, ribbon page markers with charms. Done in post screw binding (which means you can remove/rearrange pages as desired) with .925 silver leaf edges of paper and leather straps to tie the book closed. (we offer very flexible payment plans!)

This is a Custom design 9x12 Book of Shadows by Magickally Made. It features a raised tree of life design, with rainbow obsidian and rainbow moonstone inlay on the cover and in the vines of the spine as well rainbow obsidian beads on the ends of the ribbon page markers..Also, has leaf corners, celtic leaf buckle. It is done in post screw binding (which means you can rearrange and remove the pages as you wish) and is filled with 500pgs of ‘storm’ grey parchment. (we offer very flexible payment plans!)

This is a beautiful Spirit Feather smudge kit by Magickally Made  

The quill is traditionally wrapped with white deerskin, and adorned with grey banded Agates and copper spirals. The union of these elements is thought out quite carefully to create perfectly balanced energies that compliment and charge each other.
Measuring at 11 inches long, this Kit includes: 1 bundle of a freshly dried white sage, and one 5 inch Mother of Pearl Plate.

This is an example of our 9x12 Deluxe Made to order book of shadows with 500 sheets of Tea Stained Parchment, in screw post binding technique (which allows you to remove/rearrange the pages at will). It has a lovely white leather cover, silver pentacle, beautiful silver leaf corners, round raised ribs on the spine, and has leather straps to tie it closed. Inside are custom designed divider pages and permanent ribbon page makers.

This like all of our book listings, is customizable to your specifications.

We offer payment plans to fit pretty much any budget, so that anyone wanting one of our creations can afford it. 

What a lovely idea for eclectic traditions. I can see the symbolism of the Labyrinth in this context being that we are following birth/rebirth of the Sun, and being reminded that our own journey within during this time of year may be difficult, but the Light guides us.

To see the story - http://secretlantern.org/

(This is our interpretation/relief of the artwork provided by the client - the view point had to be changed from 2d view of the picture to an aerial view of the 3d leather sculpture so that it looked right from all angles). 

This is a custom design 12x18 post bound Tome with 500pg of aged parchment, two strap/buckle closures, 5 ribbon pages markers, hand dyed stylized lotus with four rainbow obsidian petals in the directions and rainbow fluorite center, 3” yellow aventurine skull (all stones hand carved by Kiz at MM), with sculpted skeletal arm, sword, and leather wrinkled to mimic the grass of the artwork that was the inspiration. ~by Magickally Made 


Basic traditional black book of shadows with filigree corners ~by Magickally Made

(artist unknown - please share if you know)