A showcase of our creations, inspired ramblings, things we like, and the occasional tutorial. ‚Äč

About us: Magickally Made is comprised of Kiz and Aradia Thundercloud. Aradia has been a self identified witch since she was 15, started formal training at 19, and has been an Eclectic/Reclaiming HPS for the last 15 years. Kizmet (Kiz) is rooted in Shamanic Earth Healing Tradition. We are a partnership both in life and in the business of creating; blending the power of our traditions to give you what you see in our shop. Aside from the spiritual, Kiz has a background as a Millwright/Metal Worker, Welder, Leather Worker, Bone and Stone Sculpture/Carving for over 25 years. Aradia has a background in holistic healing, sculpture, performance art - including costume design/construction & set design/building, and graphic art.


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