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About us: Magickally Made is comprised of Kiz and Aradia Thundercloud. Aradia has been a self identified witch since she was 15, started formal training at 19, and has been an Eclectic/Reclaiming HPS for the last 15 years. Kizmet (Kiz) is rooted in Shamanic Earth Healing Tradition. We are a partnership both in life and in the business of creating; blending the power of our traditions to give you what you see in our shop. Aside from the spiritual, Kiz has a background as a Millwright/Metal Worker, Welder, Leather Worker, Bone and Stone Sculpture/Carving for over 25 years. Aradia has a background in holistic healing, sculpture, performance art - including costume design/construction & set design/building, and graphic art.


How to do a Tea leaf reading (aka Tasseomancy or Tasseography):

1. Choose a loose tea - you may want to choose herbs that lend to your intent/question or to enhance psychic abilities. Alternately, if you dislike tea, coffee also works (it is from a plant after all).

2. Use a wide mouth tea cup with a saucer.

3. Sip, enjoy and allow your energy to infuse with the herbs. You can keep your question in mind, or just drink your tea and let the message you need to know come through.

4. When you are finished, here are two of many methods a) read the leaves as they naturally land when finished b) cover with the saucer and swirl the cup  3x while asking your question - an extended version of this includes flipping the cup upside down after swirling, then back over and wait a few moments for the leaves to settle back into the cup.

5. When reading, first observe the cup and allow your gut response to the pattern. e.g. Evenly spread out = balance in the persons life.. and so on. Closer to the rim indicates things happening in the home/close to the person, then immediate family/close friends, and so on to the bottom. Generally the reading begins at the handle which represents current events, moving clockwise (see diagram).  Some people can see further than others. So the sections can be hours for a 24hr reading, or a year, or a lifetime.

 Look for letters and symbols (see chart). Notice those that jump out first. Allow your third eye and minds eye to work together, like seeing shapes in clouds. The chart above is merely a guideline to assist you.. personal experiences and associations with a symbol should be trusted. :)

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